We make kitchen and bedroom furniture by hand from noble solid wood species – oak, beech and others, according to your wishes.

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We collect wood that until recently grew on the slopes of the Carpathian Mountains

This is why

Choose us:

Timber harvesting

Search and selection of the necessary wood from the slopes of the Carpathians, with strict adherence to environmental standards.

Production from logs

Artisans make table tops from logs, selecting the material for quality and texture.

Finished products

Our final result - furniture that will satisfy the buyer with high quality and unique design.


We want to make your interior unique

We want to introduce a subtle atmosphere of warmth to your interior. Craftsmen carefully create handmade masterpieces, letting you feel this unique pleasant feeling. Our furniture stands out from mass production, uaranteeing uniqueness in every detail. We use only the noblest types of wood, which gives them a unique character and long life. We invite you to discover a unique collection that will give your interior a unique charm.
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