Bedroom furniture set from 5 articles “Amalia”, hand-made of solid oak wood

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We invite you to discover the unique “Amalia” bedroom set – handcrafted from solid, bleached oak wood by a true master of craftsmanship with over 30 years of experience. This is a copy that will not be repeated on the furniture market, which guarantees that you will be the only owner of such a unique set.

This set, made with attention to detail, captivates with its natural beauty. The wood surface has been painted in a delicate white-cream tone, which gives the whole a subtle and pleasant appearance. However, it is the gold paint that adds an extraordinary effect to the set, creating golden accents that make the furniture seem to emanate with a delicate glow.

This exclusive set consists of five elements that form a harmonious whole. It consists of a refined bed and two elegant nightstands that complete the headboard. The wardrobe, extremely functional, has been divided into three zones. On the top shelf, you can fit the entire width of things, and below it, two vertical storage zones: on the left there are shelves for folded clothes, and on the right there is a special compartment for hanging clothes. All doors in the set are equipped with hinges with a braking effect, ensuring smooth and silent closing.

The “Amalia” set is not only bedroom furniture, it is a unique investment in comfort and elegance. Its uniqueness makes every day start in a unique style, surrounded by the beauty that emanates from these handmade things, like the unique “Amalia” set!

Set dimensions:

A place to sleep 160×200
Length 217
Width 168
Height (above headboard) 120

Height 212
Width 139
Depth 71

Height 86
Width 137
Depth 42

Bedside table (2pcs):
Height 62
Width 67
Depth 42


The price

Weight 600 kg
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