Table “Viking” made of solid oak wood, handmade. 235x115x75cm (up to 10-12 people)

lacquered, moss inserts.

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The “Viking” table is a tribute to nature and the beauty of simplicity. Handcrafted from solid oak wood, this table exudes the elegance and strength that are characteristic of this mighty wood species.

Its apparent simplicity hides fascinating details that make it extremely attractive. First of all, you will discover tiny cracks that come from the aged oak. These clear lines are like a symbol of strength and durability, reminding us of the nature that has shaped this wood over the years.

In addition, the “Viking” table is enriched with unique moss inserts that have been embedded in resin. This is an unusual element that gives it a unique character and a close relationship with nature. The combination of traditional materials with the creation of nature itself makes this table stand out above standard patterns.

Its pleasant shade and careful workmanship attract the eye, and the old-fashioned appearance makes it perfectly fit into any interior or room in which it will be located, adding a sophisticated charm to it.

It is not just a piece of furniture, it is a real work of art that emphasizes our bond with nature and at the same time introduces a note of mystery to the interior. It will certainly become the heart of any space where it will be hosted, providing unique experiences and wonderful moments spent with loved ones.


Number of people: up to 10-12
Dimensions: 2350 x 1150 x 750 x 40
Weight:  160 kg
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Price of the table

Weight 160 kg
Dimensions 2350 × 1150 × 750 cm
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