Table «Molfar» made of solid oak wood, handmade. 200x100x75cm (up to 10-12 people)

in shades of dark brown with pewter inlays. It stands on X-shaped legs that are decorated with rope.

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We are pleased to present the “Molfar” table, a unique piece of furniture handcrafted from solid oak wood. This unusual table has been dyed in shades of dark brown, which gives it an elegant look, and pewter marquetry adds subtle accents. It stands proudly on X-shaped legs that have been beautifully decorated with linen rope, adding a unique charm to the whole.

Its surface is covered with special composites based on natural, environmentally friendly oils and waxes, which makes the table not only look great, but also extremely durable and resistant to everyday use.

This unique creation of the master was inspired by the rich history of the Molfars, who inhabited the Carpathian region, where the oak from which this table was made grew. Impregnated with the spirit of old times, adding a unique atmosphere and climate to the interior.

The master artfully combines various elements, using mystical combinations of black and red, which are a kind of classic in themselves. The combination of these colors with liquid tin that fills the gaps in the top gives the table a unique character and mystery.

“Molfar” is a truly designer thing that not only fulfills its purpose as a functional table, but also becomes an element of decor and art. It is a piece of furniture that impresses not only with its unique form, but also with the history and symbolism that vibrates with it.

Designed for 10-12 people, this reliable table will serve your family for many generations, adding a unique character and exceptional beauty to the interior. Let “Molfar” become the heart of your home, attracting attention and leaving a strong impression on everyone who sees it.


Number of people: up to 10-12
Dimensions: 2000 x 1000 x 750 x 40
Weight:  87.5 kg
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Weight 87 kg
Dimensions 2000 × 1000 × 750 cm


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