Table “Tara” made of solid oak wood, handmade. 230x100x75cm (up to 12 people)

is in natural color, with inserts in milk color, varnished. It stands on two trapezoidal legs.

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We present the unusual “Tara” table, made of solid oak wood, hand-made and delightful in its natural colors. Unique inserts made of epoxy resin with a delicate milky shade give it a unique character. Two trapezoidal legs add modernity and elegance to it.

This is a unique table, the material of which comes from the ecological and picturesque part of the Carpathians. Cooperation with nature is of particular importance here, and the reference to the goddess Tara from Slavic mythology makes the table a real tribute to wild nature.

The master craftsman used the natural unevenness of the wood and subtle colors and inserts of “milk” that seem to flow through the cracks, symbolizing life and fertility, which was inspired by the goddess Tara, the patron saint of wildlife. This creative approach to the design makes the table not only a piece of furniture, but a real work of art.

“Tara table” is a luxurious piece of premium quality furniture that will be a fantastic element of any interior. The strength and unparalleled durability of oak wood guarantee that it will last for generations, adding its unique charm to any home.

Designed for 12 people, this table will provide a spacious place for family and friends to gather, creating an atmosphere of celebration and joy together.
Let the “Tara table” become the heart of your interior, attracting attention and delighting with its harmony, naturalness and mysticism.


Number of people: up to 12
Dimensions: 2300 x 1000 x 750 x 40
Weight:  123.5 kg
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Weight 123 kg
Dimensions 2300 × 1000 × 750 cm
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