Table “Driada” made of solid oak wood, handmade. 240x110x75cm (up to 12-14 people)

varnished, with transparent inserts, inside which moss can be seen. It stands on two trapezoidal dark brown legs.

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We present a unique table “Driada”, hand-made of solid oak wood, delightful with its naturalness and unique design. In a light color with transparent inserts that expose the beautiful moss inside. This table is lacquered and looks very elegant on two trapezoidal dark brown legs.

The master, creating the “Driada”, was inspired by an authentic style that reflects the spirit of the ancient masters of the craft. The name of the furniture comes from “Driads” – mythical nymphs, patronizing oaks and other tree species. It is a tribute to nature and the beauty that emanates from these majestic creatures.

The joints of massive oak boards have been filled with a matte transparent composition that highlights the moss untouched by the master and the natural bark of the tree. This beautiful and unusual combination gives the “Driada” table a unique soul and unique character.

The “Driada” table is a luxurious piece of premium quality furniture that will perfectly complement any interior. Its high quality and durability of oak guarantee that it will serve more than one generation, preserving its beauty and functionality for many years.

Designed for 12-14 people, this table will not only provide a comfortable place for gatherings and holidays, but will also become the heart of your home, exuding unique beauty and evoking great legends about the dryads. Let “Driada” bring the magic of nature to your interior and add a unique charm to every meeting with your loved ones.


Number of people: up to 12-14
Dimensions: 2400 x 1100 x 750 x 40
Weight:  145 kg
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Weight 145 kg
Dimensions 2400 × 1100 × 750 cm
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