Table «Konar» made of solid oak wood, handmade. 220x100x75cm (up to 10 people)

with oil-wax coating.

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The “Konar” table is a unique masterpiece of craftsmanship, made with the highest precision and passion by a master craftsman. Made of high-quality solid oak wood, it fits in with the classic style, paying tribute to the beauty of nature in its most beautiful form. Master craftsmen devoted their hearts and skills to create an extraordinary composition, devoid of artificiality and reflecting the unique character of oak wood.

Recalling the texture of this most durable tree, the master skillfully exposed unique accents in the form of impressive branches that decorate the table tops. These natural elements are the heart of the project, giving it a unique charm. Without the use of artificial dyes or epoxy resins, the Konar table stays true to the original beauty of the wood, while maintaining its refined appearance.

Properly designed for the majority of up to 10 people, the “Konar” table not only impresses with its aesthetic appearance, but is also functional and practical. It is an ideal place for family meetings or friendly feasts, where unity with nature can be celebrated together. Each element of this extraordinary work of art impresses with its authenticity and uniqueness, reflecting the spirit of nature in its purest form.


Number of people: up to 10
Dimensions: 2200 x 1000 x 750 x 40
Weight:  120 kg
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