Coffee table «Ariel» made of solid oak wood, handmade. 110x60x45cm

with an oil-wax coating.

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The “Ariel” coffee table is a real gem among furniture, handcrafted with the utmost care. Its solid oak exudes natural beauty and unique charm. What makes it even more unique is the use of special composites based on natural, ecological oils and waxes that cover the surface of the table.

Thanks to the impregnation of the tabletop with a wax-oil coating, the master craftsman revealed all the beauty and uniqueness of the long-term oak. It is worth noting that the composites used are based on natural ingredients and are environmentally friendly, which makes the “Ariel” table not only beautiful, but also a responsible choice. Expressive wood fibers and a unique texture become visible in their full glory, which makes the “Ariel” table a real work of art.
Imagine drinking aromatic tea with your loved ones by the fireplace, and the magic of this moment will take you to the world of positive emotions and pleasure.

It is a piece of furniture that combines functionality, ecology and artistic value, ensuring not only the convenience of use, but also pure satisfaction from enjoying its beauty.

The “Ariel” coffee table is the true definition of elegance and class, which will add a unique character to any interior. Its natural beauty, compliance with the principles of ecology and unique aesthetic values make it not only a piece of furniture, but also an inspiring work of art that can be admired and appreciated for many years.


Dimensions: 1100×600 450×40
Weight:  55 kg
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